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The Natural Way To Increase GABA

by Greg Newson 4 min read

The Natural Way To Increase GABA

What is GABA?

Ever pondered the intricacies of GABA? Well, you're not alone. GABA, or Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid, might sound like a scientific tongue-twister, but it's not just another cryptic chemical. Think of it as the conductor of your body's orchestra, harmonising everything and keeping the peace.

GABA: Your Brain's Peacekeeper

GABA wears the dual hats of a conductor and a peacekeeper at your brain's party. It ensures nerve impulses don't get too rowdy, just like a vigilant bouncer, especially those wild ones like glutamic acid. It even crosses the blood-brain barrier to deliver much-needed calmness through Benzodiazepine and GABA receptors. But when GABA levels dip, you're in for a rollercoaster of issues – think anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

But here's the kicker: GABA isn't just about moods. It's also regulates your brainwaves, ensuring the harmony between the high-energy beta brainwaves and the soothing alpha brainwaves. Too much beta? Hello, sleepless nights and jitters. But when alpha takes the stage, it's like your brain saying, "Chillax."

Boosting Your GABA Naturally

Now, you're probably thinking, "How do I dial up the GABA party?" Well, here's the deal. Your body's got its own GABA kitchen, whipping up GABA from the amino acid L-Glutamine, with a little help from its buddies: vitamin B6, Zinc, and L-taurine. But here's the catch:

Vitamin B6: It can be a bit of a diva. If it's Missing In Action, you might end up with Pyroluria, PMS, and a one-way ticket to Anxietyville. And let's not forget those times when you forget to eat your B6-rich foods, party a bit too hard, or overindulge – that can mess with your GABA levels too. [1]

L-taurine: Another amino acid steps up to keep things running smoothly, and studies suggest that anxiety might rear its head when taurine takes a nosedive.[2]

Zinc: The co-captain of the ship, boosting GABA release and teaming up with vitamin B6 to whip up other brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

We've mentioned the importance of Vitamin B6, Zinc, L-Glutamine, and L-Taurine in GABA production. However, there are additional nutrients that enhance the function of GABA, improve its uptake into the brain, and prevent rapid deterioration.

L-Theanine: This natural gem, found in green tea, not only boosts GABA levels but also ushers in the soothing embrace of alpha brainwaves. It's like a calm oasis in a sea of stress, improving sleep quality and countering the corrosive effects of tension.[3,4,5]

Inositol: Part of the B-vitamin family, Inositol is a GABA superhero. It enhances GABA's binding to benzodiazepine receptors, making it a potent anxiety-buster. It also nudges serotonin receptors into action, promising restful nights.[6]

Magnesium: Often overlooked, magnesium steps in to activate GABA receptors, calming anxiety, depression, insomnia, and irritability. It even brings better sleep quality to the party, adding both depth and duration to your slumber. [7]

L-Glycine: An amino acid that aids GABA function by reducing the stimulatory effects of noradrenaline in the brain. It also induces relaxation by binding to and activating glycine receptors within the spinal cord.[ 8]

Chamomile: The classic herbal remedy, chamomile owes its sedative effects to apigenin, a flavonoid that locks onto benzodiazepine and GABA receptors. Traditionally used for anxiety and insomnia, chamomile might just become your go-to mood stabiliser. [9]

St. John's Wort: Nature's answer to GABA reabsorption, St. John's Wort elevates brain GABA levels, enhancing GABA's soothing effects. [10]

Valerian: A steadfast GABA ally, valerian ensures that GABA levels remain stable by reducing its breakdown in the brain, promoting a tranquil state of mind. [11]

Ginkgo Biloba: Beyond its memory-boosting prowess, Ginkgo Biloba elevates GABA levels in the hippocampus, influencing memory and cognition. [12]

Skullcap: Rooted in tradition for its support of the nervous system, skullcap improves GABA function and reduces anxiety by binding to GABAa receptors. [13]

Bacopa Monnieri: Through animal studies, Bacopa Monnieri has shown its ability to normalise GABA levels in the cerebral cortex, reducing convulsions associated with epilepsy. 

Fermented Foods: Nature's gift, these foods contain naturally occurring GABA. Fava beans, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and reishi mushrooms also hold the promise of improved GABA function. [14]

Why Not Take a GABA Supplement?

You could dive into the world of supplements and call it a day, but here's the catch: how much GABA does your body actually need? It's not a one-size-fits-all scenario. One person might need a sprinkle, while another might need a hearty dose. Overloading on GABA is like inviting an uninvited guest – you might bring nausea, numbness, and a serious brain fog. Plus, it could mess with serotonin, the neurotransmitter that brings good vibes. Low serotonin? That means more sadness, stress, and late-night snack cravings. In addition, excess GABA can potentially upset dopamine, which is involved in learning, concentration, and motivation.

Our Friendly Recommendations

So, what's the smart move? Let your body be the boss. We recommend Be-Calm – it's like a backstage pass to GABA's world, giving your body precisely what it needs to produce, fine-tune, and stabilise GABA levels. It's your body's personal GABA wingman.

And for those days when life cranks up the stress-o-meter, there's Cortisol Calm. It's the secret sauce for reducing stress, taming the wild cortisol and adrenaline beasts, and offering relief from mood swings, insomnia, and the occasional freak-out.

If you believe that you could benefit from extra support, consider our MagExcel magnesium supplement, available in both powder and capsule forms. MagExcel provides the essential magnesium that plays a vital role in GABA function. Likewise, for those looking to enhance glycine levels, we offer L-Glycine, which can contribute to a more relaxed state of mind. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to provide options that suit your unique needs.

Now, we're not here to play doctor, but we do suggest you consult one before diving into any health treatments. But, hey, we hope this journey through the GABA universe has been enlightening. If you found this information helpful, why not share it with your friends and family on social media? Thanks for joining us, and here's to your brain's inner harmony!

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