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NatroVital MagExcel

  • Pure and Powerful: No fillers or artificial ingredients, just 100% pure active goodness.
  • Four highly absorbable forms of magnesium, delivering 350mg of elemental magnesium for optimal absorption & maximum benefits.
  • Promotes energy, supports stress and improves moods

NatroVital MagExcel: Unlocking the Power of Magnesium

  • Discover the extraordinary benefits of NatroVital MagExcel, a magnesium powder that works swiftly and effectively. Our advanced formula combines four highly absorbable forms of magnesium, ensuring optimal absorption and utilisation by your body. To take it a step further, we've incorporated key cofactors like Vitamin D and Boron, which enhance the absorption and retention of magnesium.

    MagExcel stands out from its competitors with its unwavering commitment to ingredient purity. We believe in providing you with a product that is free from fillers, additives, artificial flavours, and sweeteners. Our dedication lies in delivering the highest quality magnesium powder that you can trust.

    At NatroVital, we refuse to compromise on taste, taking a different approach than products that rely on deceptive synthetic flavours. Our meticulously crafted NatroVital MagExcel features natural organic orange and lemon flavours, capturing the true essence of these fruits for an exceptional taste experience. We prioritise transparency and believe in offering you the genuine flavours nature has to offer. To enhance the sweetness, we exclusively use organic stevia rebaudiana, a natural sweetener that guarantees a delightful flavour. This thoughtful combination of ingredients not only provides numerous benefits but also pleases the palate. Remember, true natural flavours have no discernible scent, while synthetic flavours can be detected by their artificial aromas. With NatroVital MagExcel, you can indulge in an exceptional and honest flavour experience, where the natural organic flavours and the sweetness of organic stevia rebaudiana blend harmoniously, offering a truly enjoyable taste sensation.

    How Do We Know If We Need Magnesium?

    Determining if you need magnesium is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Magnesium plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions, and even a small deficiency can lead to various health complications. Recognising the signs of magnesium deficiency is key to addressing potential imbalances and supporting your overall well-being. Consider the following common signs and evaluate how they relate to your own health:

    • Anxiety: Do you frequently experience feelings of anxiety or nervousness?
    • Craving Chocolate: Do you often have an intense craving for chocolate? This craving could indicate a potential magnesium deficiency.
    • Diabetes: Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or do you have concerns about blood sugar regulation?
    • Depression: Have you struggled with feelings of sadness, lack of interest, or a persistent low mood?
    • Fatigue: Do you often feel tired, lacking energy, or experiencing general fatigue?
    • Feeling Stressed: Do you often feel stressed or overwhelmed by daily life?
    • Headaches: Do you frequently experience headaches or migraines?
    • High Blood Pressure: Have you been diagnosed with or do you have a history of high blood pressure?
    • Mental Health Problems: Have you experienced mental health issues, such as mood swings, irritability, or even more serious conditions?
    • Muscular Cramps, Twitching, or Spasms: Do you frequently experience muscle cramps, twitches, or spasms, particularly during physical activity?
    • Osteoporosis: Do you have a family history of osteoporosis or concerns about bone health?
    • Overweight: Do you have excess weight or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight?
    • Poor Resistance to Stress: Do you find it challenging to cope with stress and bounce back from challenging situations?
    • Sleep Disorders: Do you struggle with sleep-related issues, such as insomnia or restless sleep?

    If you identify with several of these signs, it may indicate a potential magnesium deficiency.

    What Casues Magnesium Deficiency?

    • Ageing: As we age, our bodies may experience a decline in magnesium levels, making it important to ensure an adequate intake.
    • Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption can interfere with magnesium absorption and increase its excretion, potentially leading to a magnesium deficiency.
    • Caffeine Intake: Caffeine acts as a diuretic, causing increased urine production and potential magnesium loss, making it important to consider magnesium supplementation.
    • Certain Chronic Diseases: Certain chronic diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders, may require additional magnesium to support proper functioning and manage potential deficiencies.
    • Chemical Farming Practices: Modern chemical farming practices can deplete soil of essential minerals, including magnesium, making it necessary to explore magnesium supplementation options.
    • Dairy Consumption: Dairy products may contain compounds that hinder magnesium absorption, highlighting the need to ensure adequate magnesium levels through other sources.
    • Diarrhoea or Loose Stools: Conditions causing frequent diarrhoea or loose stools can lead to magnesium loss, underlining the potential need for magnesium supplementation.
    • Excessive Animal Protein Consumption: A diet high in animal protein may increase the excretion of magnesium, highlighting the importance of adequate magnesium intake.
    • Fluoridated Water Consumption: Fluoridated water can interfere with magnesium absorption and utilisation, making it essential to consider magnesium supplementation in areas with fluoridated water.
    • Heavy Metal Exposure: Exposure to heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium can deplete magnesium levels, necessitating a closer look at magnesium supplementation.
    • Hectic Lifestyle: A hectic lifestyle characterised by high stress levels and poor dietary habits can contribute to magnesium depletion, highlighting the need for magnesium support.
    • High Saturated Fat Intake: Consuming excessive amounts of saturated fats may hinder magnesium absorption, making it important to consider magnesium supplementation.
    • High Sugar Intake: High sugar intake can interfere with magnesium absorption and increase its excretion, underscoring the need for magnesium supplementation in individuals with high sugar consumption.
    • Lack of Sleep: Inadequate sleep or sleep disorders can disrupt magnesium balance in the body, emphasising the importance of ensuring sufficient magnesium intake.
    • Medical and Recreational Drug Use: Certain medications and recreational drugs can interfere with magnesium absorption and utilisation, warranting a closer look at magnesium supplementation.
    • Nutrient Deficient Soil: Nutrient-poor soil can result in magnesium-deficient crops, necessitating additional measures to meet magnesium requirements.
    • Physical activity: Engaging in regular physical exercise or intense workouts can increase the body's need for magnesium due to higher energy expenditure and muscle function.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: During pregnancy and lactation, the body's demand for magnesium increases to support the growth and development of the foetus and to ensure an adequate supply for breast milk production.
    • Smoking: Smoking has been associated with lower magnesium levels in the body, making it important to consider magnesium supplementation for smokers.
    • Stress: Chronic stress can deplete magnesium levels in the body, necessitating additional support to maintain optimal magnesium levels.
    • Sweating: Profuse sweating, such as during intense physical activity or in hot climates, can lead to magnesium loss through sweat, necessitating attention to magnesium levels and potential supplementation.
    • Western Diet: The typical Western diet, often high in processed foods and low in nutrient-dense options, can contribute to magnesium deficiency, emphasising the need for additional magnesium support.

    If you identify with several of these signs, it may indicate a potential magnesium deficiency. However, it's important to remember that these signs can also be related to other health conditions.

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  • Benefits of Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and well-being. It is involved in numerous biochemical processes and is necessary for the proper functioning of various organs and systems in the body.

    • Aids in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth: Magnesium works synergistically with calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals to support the formation and mineralization of bone tissue. It helps maintain bone density, strength, and structure, promoting healthy teeth as well.
    • Assists in the absorption and metabolism of important nutrients: Magnesium facilitates the absorption and metabolism of various essential nutrients, including calcium and potassium. It helps convert vitamin D into its active form, enabling efficient calcium utilisation. Additionally, magnesium assists in the transport of potassium ions across cell membranes, contributing to proper potassium balance.
    • Assists in hormone regulation: Magnesium plays a role in the regulation of various hormones in the body, including those involved in sleep, stress response, and reproductive health.
    • Assists in the regulation of blood sugar levels: Magnesium is involved in insulin secretion and insulin action, playing a crucial role in glucose metabolism. Adequate magnesium levels contribute to balanced blood sugar levels and may help improve insulin sensitivity.
    • Enhances mood and mental well-being: Adequate magnesium levels have been associated with improved mood, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and overall mental well-being.
    • Helps alleviate muscle cramps and spasms: Magnesium has muscle relaxant properties and helps regulate calcium levels within muscle cells. Adequate magnesium levels can help reduce the frequency and intensity of muscle cramps, spasms, and restless leg syndrome.
    • Helps in the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein: Magnesium is essential for DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, which are fundamental processes for cell growth, repair, and overall body development. It supports the production of new genetic material and aids in the construction of proteins required for various bodily functions.
    • Helps maintain a healthy heartbeat and blood pressure: Magnesium is essential for maintaining a normal heart rhythm and supporting healthy blood pressure levels. It helps relax the blood vessels, allowing for proper blood flow and reducing strain on the cardiovascular system.
    • Improves exercise performance: Magnesium is involved in energy production, muscle contraction, and oxygen delivery to muscles, making it crucial for optimal exercise performance and recovery.
    • Plays a role in maintaining electrolyte balance: Magnesium works in conjunction with other electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, to maintain proper fluid balance within cells. It helps ensure the optimal functioning of nerves, muscles, and organs by regulating electrolyte levels.
    • Promotes energy production and metabolism: Magnesium is involved in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body's primary energy currency. It participates in numerous enzymatic reactions that convert food into energy, ensuring optimal energy production and metabolism.
    • Promotes healthy digestion: Magnesium aids in the proper functioning of muscles in the digestive tract, promoting regular bowel movements and preventing constipation.
    • Promotes relaxation and a healthy stress response: Magnesium supports the production of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that has calming effects on the brain and promotes relaxation. It helps modulate the stress response and may reduce the impact of stress on the body and mind.
    • Supports a healthy immune system: Magnesium plays a role in immune function by enhancing the activity of immune cells and promoting the production of antibodies. It helps modulate inflammation and supports the body's defence mechanisms against infections and diseases.
    • Supports cardiovascular health: Magnesium plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and supporting overall cardiovascular function.
    • Supports healthy skin: Magnesium contributes to skin health by promoting collagen synthesis, maintaining moisture balance, and supporting the skin's natural repair and renewal processes.
    • Supports healthy sleep patterns: Magnesium plays a role in the regulation of sleep cycles and the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. It helps relax the muscles and calms the nervous system, promoting a restful sleep and maintaining healthy sleep patterns.
    • Supports normal brain function and cognitive health: Magnesium is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and release, which are vital for proper brain function. It helps regulate mood, memory, and cognitive processes, contributing to overall mental well-being and cognitive health.
    • Supports proper nerve and muscle function: Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions throughout the body. It helps maintain the electrical balance necessary for nerve signalling and enables smooth and coordinated muscle movements.
    • Supports respiratory health: Magnesium helps relax the smooth muscles in the airways, promoting proper lung function and potentially reducing symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions.By providing these diverse benefits, magnesium plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and well-being. It is important to ensure an adequate intake of magnesium through a balanced diet or supplementation, as deficiencies can lead to various health complications.
  • NatroVital MagExcel Ingredients per 5g

    • Magnesium Citrate
    • Equiv. Magnesium
    • Magnesium Diglycinate
    • Equiv. Magnesium
    • Magnesium Orotate
    • Equiv. Magnesium
    • Magnesium Ascorbate
    • Equiv. Magnesium
    • Total Magnesium
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
    • Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (Activated Vitamin B6)
    • Calcium Citrate
    • Equiv. Calcium
    • Zinc Citrate
    • Equiv. Zinc
    • Boron
    • D-Ribose
    • Citric Acid
    • L-Glutamine
    • L-Taurine

    180g Container contains 36 Serves per Container

    360g Container contains 72 Serves per Container

    NatroVital MagExcel Excipients: Ensuring Purity and Quality

    MagExcel stands out with its commitment to quality and natural ingredients. This exceptional magnesium powder contains only pure active ingredients, ensuring optimal effectiveness. The delicious taste of MagExcel is achieved through the use of organic natural orange and lemon flavours, providing a refreshing and enjoyable experience. To further enhance the sweetness, MagExcel is sweetened with organic stevia rebaudiana, a natural and plant-derived sweetener. With MagExcel, you can indulge in a high-quality magnesium supplement that combines purity, natural flavours, and a touch of sweetness for a truly satisfying and beneficial experience.

    NatroVital MagExcel is a magnesium powder that prioritises purity and allergen-free formulation. It is meticulously crafted without fillers, additives, artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. We believe in providing a clean and natural product. In addition, MagExcel is free from common allergens such as dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, seafood, soy, and corn. We understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs and restrictions. With NatroVital MagExcel, you can enjoy the benefits of magnesium with confidence, knowing that it is free from unwanted substances and allergens, ensuring a pure and high-quality magnesium supplement.

    We understand the importance of dietary preferences and restrictions, which is why we are proud to say that NatroVital MagExcel is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. We have carefully crafted our magnesium powder to align with these dietary lifestyles, ensuring that individuals following vegan or vegetarian diets can confidently incorporate MagExcel into their daily regimen. With NatroVital MagExcel, you can enjoy the benefits of magnesium while staying true to your dietary choices.

  • What is the recommended dosage for MagExcel?
    For adults, it is suggested to take 1 scoop of MagExcel in the morning and another scoop at night after food. As for children, a daily dosage of 1 scoop is recommended.
    Are there any preservatives or artificial colorings present in MagExcel?
    Natrovital MagExcel is completely natural and solely consists of the ingredients listed on the label. It does not contain any fillers or additives, and is free from artificial flavours, artificial colourings, artificial preservatives, animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast, corn, or soy.
    Is MagExcel appropriate for individuals following a vegan or vegetarian diet?
    Indeed, NatroVital MagExcel is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans since it does not contain any animal products.
    Are there any contraindications for using NatroVital MagExcel?
    If you have known allergies to any of the ingredients, it is advisable not to use NatroVital MagExcel. Additionally, individuals with renal failure should exercise caution when using NatroVital MagExcel and other magnesium supplements. It is important to note that NatroVital MagExcel should not be taken within a 2-hour window of antibiotic medication, as the presence of magnesium and zinc may potentially decrease the absorption of antibiotics.
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