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Creating a Calm New You - Let's Talk Anxiety

by Greg Newson 2 min read

Creating a Calm New You - Let's Talk Anxiety | NatroVital

Creating a Calm New You - Let's Talk Anxiety

In this week's episode, Greg delves into Anxiety, discussing the causes, symptoms and the slippery slope that some pharmaceutical medications can take you down.

In his easygoing manner, Greg discusses the effects Stress, GABA deficiency, PMS, and Alcohol can have on your anxiety levels.

Greg calmly takes the jitters out of anxiety with a wealth of knowledge on natural treatments and self-help techniques that will have you feeling in control of your life and well-being.

Quick Episode Summary

  • 1:19 Symptoms of Anxiety
  • 1:08 GABA Deficiency and Anxiety
  • 4:34 Stress and Anxiety
  • 8:24 Social Isolation and Anxiety
  • 9:27 PMS and Anxiety
  • 11:21 Alcohol and Anxiety
  • 12:00 Caffeine and Anxiety
  • 14:01 NMDA Receptors and Anxiety
  • 19:43 Pharmaceutical Medications that Cause Anxiety
  • 26:14 Pharmaceutical Medications to Treat Anxiety
  • 30:43 Self-Help Techniques for Anxiety
  • 38:43 Fear and its Role in Anxiety
  • 42:32 Herbs and Nutrients for Anxiety
  • 53:21 Natural Treatment for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
  • 58:27 Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Supplements Help Support Anxiety and the Nervous System:

Be-Calm - a blend of nutrients and herbs that help increase GABA levels, support  and calm the nervous system thus helping to alleviate anxiety and panic disorders. 

MagExcel - a strong highly bioavailable magnesium powder that improves magnesium absorption and retention. Magnesium is the number one mineral for the nervous system and deficiencies are often associated with anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. 

Herbs to Help Support Anxiety and the Nervous System:

Cortisol Calm  - Herbs help in times of stress and feeling overwhelmed to reduce cortisol levels, balance moods, improve mental state and reduce anxiety and depression. 

NS Balance - Herbs that strengthen and fortify's a debilitated nervous system, plus calm and reduce anxiety, depression and stress. 

GabRelax - Herbs that improve GABA uptake by and increasing and revitalising the GABA and Benzodiazepine receptors. Helps calm the body and reduce anxiety. 

Supporting Our Pets Immune Health

Calm Care - Helps calms stressed and over anxious  furry friends

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