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Get the Digestive Juices Flowing - Let's Talk Digestive Health

by Greg Newson 2 min read

Get the Digestive Juices Flowing - Let's Talk Digestive Health | NatroVital

Get the Digestive Juices Flowing - Let's Talk Digestive Health Podcast

In this informative episode, we discuss the role that the mouth, stomach, pancreas, small intestines, colon, liver and gallbladder play in a robust or weak digestive function.

In his jovial and easy-to-understand way, Greg gets to the guts of poor digestive health and offers a smorgasbord of valuable information on its symptoms, causes and treatment. Importantly we discuss not only how to improve digestive health, but the health and function of all the digestive organs while utilising the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Quick Episode Summary

  • 1:24 The Mouth's Role In Digestion
  • 3:34 The Stomach's Role In Digestion
  • 8:12 The Small Intestine and Pancreas's Role In Digestion
  • 14:04 The Colon's Role In Digestion
  • 25:13 The Liver's Role In Digestion
  • 29:06 Back to the Pancreas
  • 31:05 The Gallbladder's Role In Digestion
  • 32:10 Symptoms of Poor Digestive Health
  • 37:35 Diet a Leading Cause of Poor Digestion
  • 45:10 Pharmaceutical Drug's Role in Degrading Digestion
  • 55:56 Dysbiosis an Underlying Cause of Inadequate Digestion
  • 58:16 Stress a Hidden Cause of Unhealthy Digestion
  • 1:00:04 Treatment for Poor Digestion
  • 1:07:42 Stomach Treatment
  • 1:13:18 Pancreatic Treatment
  • 1:15:10 Small Intestine and Colon Treatment
  • 1:24:32 Liver and Gallbladder Treatment

Supplements to Help Support Digestive Function:

Multibac 10 - a potent probiotic containing 10 stains and 30 billion beneficial bacteria per capsule plus a prebiotic fibre to nourish all beneficial bacteria residing in the intestinal tract.  

SaachroBiotic - a strong probiotic containing Saccharomyces boulardii an antibiotic restraint strain that croups out and destroys harmful organisms whilst providing nourishment to the beneficial gut bacteria.

Intestinal Repair - a rich blend of herbs and nutrients that help heal intestinal damage, repair leaky gut syndrome, reduce intestinal inflammation and nourish intestinal cells and beneficial gut bacteria.

Intestinal Maintain - a blend of 7 different types of fibre plus herbs that help maintain intestinal health, promote healthy bowel motions, remove toxins and provide long-term nourishment for intestinal cells and beneficial gut bacteria. 

ReVitalise - a unique blend of prebiotic fibres and resistant starches that help nourish the cells of the colon and small intestines and are the only food supply for the 1000's of species of beneficial gut bacteria.

Herbs to Help Support Digestive Function:

Digestive Support  - a blend of herbs that stimulate digestion, stomach acid and digestive enzymes resulting in a greater assimilation of nutrients from the food and a reduction of poor digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas and abdominal pain. 

Stomach Support - a blend of herbs that normalise stomach acid secretions, relieve digestive discomfort, reduce stomach and intestinal inflammation and alleviate symptoms including reflux, heartburn, stomach pain and excessive burping. 

Supporting Our Pets Digestive Health

Digestive Care - Promotes robust digestive health and balance for our furry friends

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