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The Good and Maybe Not So Bad - Let's talk Cholesterol

by Greg Newson 2 min read

The Good and Maybe Not So Bad - Let's talk Cholesterol

The Good and Maybe Not So Bad - Let's talk Cholesterol

Cholesterol, We are told it's bad......but is it?

For this episode on Cholesterol we are trying something different, we're splitting the podcast into two sections to make it easier to listen to.

In Part 1, Greg discusses the critical and often overlooked biological functions of Cholesterol. He explains why it builds up in the arteries and addresses the reasons behind Cholesterol being labelled the 'villain'.

There is also a, did you know / no I didn't know, moment in which Greg discusses the link between the Thyroid and bad Cholesterol.

In Part 2, Greg continues to examine Cholesterol exploring the relationship between saturated fats and Cholesterol, the potential side effects of Cholesterol medication and what can be done naturally to improve Cholesterol levels.  

Quick Episode Summary


  • 0:47  What is Cholesterol
  • 1:15  What are the Functions of Cholesterol
  • 9:19  Why Cholesterol gets a Bad Wrap
  • 11:05 What Causes Cholesterol to Build up on Artery
  • 15:35 Thyroid and the Cholesterol Connection

    PART 2

  • 0:48  Saturated Fats and Cholesterol - a Myth?
  • 5:29  Blood Tests that give a more Accurate Cardiovascular Risk than Cholesterol
  • 9:58  Pharmaceutical Treatment of Cholesterol - Stain Drugs
  • 15:05 Natural Treatments to Manage Cholesterol

    Supplements to Help Lower Cholesterol:
    Green Cleanse - Organic Blend of Algae and Grasses that Promote Healthy Cholesterol, Cleanse the Blood and Improve Detoxification

    Antioxidant Support - Strong Blend of Rich Antioxidant-Rich Foods that Protect Cells from Toxins and Damage, Promote Healthy Cholesterol, Support Detoxification

    Intestinal Maintain - Rich in Fibre and Herbs to Cleanse the Bowel, Removes Cholesterol, Promote Beneficial Gut Bacteria and Repair Intestinal Health

    Herbs to Help Lower Cholesterol:

    Liver Stress - Improves Liver Function, Balances Cholesterol Production, Promotes Liver Health and Improves Bile Flow

    Supplements to Support Thyroid Function

    ZSIM - Promotes Thyroid Health, Supports Male and Female Reproductive Health, Improves Immune Health and Zinc Deficiency

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